Jun 29, 2017


Life teach you, that you’re capable
Life teach you about you not good enough
Life teach you about, this is possible

For example, cuba tengok MAA fighter, dalam minda dia hanya bermain dua perkataan..
AKu boleh kalahkan dia, keep moving until knock down, keep punching…. Keep and keep…
Everting just in your mind, walaupun ada suara2 kegelapan yang mengatakan “kau lemah, kau tak boleh kalahkan dia, dia kuat, dia juara”
You just believe in yourself and keep moving… until one day you will success..
Before that, you must have Self-discipline
Here, I just want to share 4 point that can teach your mind to have Self-discipline.
Wanting to be champion and wanting to be champion with capable extraordinary person


Make you’re emotional connect… do this step every morning
-          Emotional engage each morning of your life
-          Think about your dreams, future and become the better person.
-          Keep teach your mind, you can do it… even just a simple job or work


Make a list of the day, what comes first and settle it
-          Pray when the times is Come
-          Do some workout every morning
-          Do my work and I will learn for it.. (keep in your mind)
Not easy, but you need to train yourself…
It not over, until I WIN
It not over, until I get THROUGH
It not over, until I get want I WANT


Make a schedule every day, do like this to train yourself for better future…
You will know where important comes first and block your TIME for REST day
-          Give time to REST, Shopping & TRAVEL


As a human being, we love to Reward for something.
Give social Reward to yourself and your friend. Because this can motivate yourself and can give positive impact to your mind.

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