Mar 15, 2014

Phone Interview HSBC

Assalamualaikum, and Hi everyone #DoUntukMH370 #PrayForMH370

Once again Hi, today was to happy because I got interview through phone. This is my first time get interview through phone and I was to shock and so excited. The interviewer call from HSBC Global Market and I dont know where their get my number or maybe i left my number during the Malaysia Training Career Fair at Midvalley last week. Maybe!

The position that they offer to me is as Global Support Executive it seem like call center but more on International. I think i can face it, and i dont know why Allah give me opportunity in Banking areas. Last year in 2013 also be part of Maybanker (maybank) executive only for 3 months and i left that job.

The interview will be on 20 March at Bursa Malaysia? Bursa Malaysia? wow it seem like a good place and you know that bursa Malaysia it the place that a lot of rich people make investment. I really hope that i get this job and be a banker one again. Let me explain about my JD (job description)

Support of Global Markets traders based in London, Hong Kong, New York and Paris with regards to a range of post trade functions including but not limited to – trade capture, confirmations/matching, settlements, reconciliations, investigations, client service, cash management and operation risk control. Functions performed for wide range of products including equities, fixed income, otc derivatives (flow & exotic), foreign exchange, money markets, banknotes and metals 

•        Day-to-day processing & support of the business in one of the product or functional streams 
•        Investigation, resolution and ownership of all issues relating to the process 
•        The monitoring and chasing of outstanding items 
•        High standard of client service 
•        Timely escalation of problems 
•        To acquire a broad and detailed understanding of markets products and processes 
•        Proactively review process mechanisms and identify improvements and efficiencies

So I really shock and perhaps I get this position. Meanwhile during that time I doing my training at NIosh in Safety and Health Officer. So right now I in the middle. I will try my best and take some energy to face it and also be more positive and no more negative sign.

That all my coleteh..

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